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About Loyalkey Lifestyle and its Founders 

"Loyalkey" is derived from the founder's first name Keya who goes by Yan. She can be found on all platforms by the handle @callher_yan. Her inspiration came to her through her brother with the likes that Loyalkey could be the name for a real estate business. Yan added "lifestyle" to the name because she knew the brand could also include more than just real estate. Loyalkey’s brand is founded with a business mind, and a lifestyle savvy. 

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Yan's Story

Yan can remember helping her sister finish her food at the table. As she got older she developed a love for food. This lead to many struggles with her weight. She gained the freshman 15 and after college she gained an additional 15 pounds, which seemed challenging to lose. She finally decided to take action and she began her clean eating journey in 2017. 


Yan became a vegan overnight and this had its challenges as well. She lost a lot of weight but realized that after 6 months she was tired of it and began to eat a regular all-inclusive diet. She was able to maintain a healthy balance until Covid hit. It was June of 2020 when she realized she became her heaviest weight again. Yan decided she needed to take action and get very serious about a healthy lifestyle that included exercising as well. 


She made moderations to her diet and began eating a primarily pescatarian diet. The results were amazing. But like the previous diet, she grew tired of this diet as well. In 2021 she began to incorporate more lean meats into her diet such as chicken and turkey. What she discovered about clean eating is that it is important to have a healthy balance and do things in moderation. 


Today Yan's diet consists of 70% seafood, 15% Turkey and 15% Chicken. Some days she consumes no meat and eats a vegetarian diet. She shared her journey on Instagram and often heard that many people struggle with dieting and felt led to help others on their healthier lifestyle journey. This is where Lemon Pepper Everything™ was created. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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